Improving Solutions

Improving lives

We research the benefits of Cannabis to improve people’s lives in the field of well-being, cosmetics and health


Active pharmaceutical ingredients from Cannabis derivatives
• High THC cannabis flower (distribution)
• High CBD cannabis flower (distribution)
• High CBG cannabis flower (distribution)
• Cannabis extract
• Cannabis distillates
• GMP Cannabidiol
• Cannabigerol GMP
• Dronabinol

Drug intermediates
• Glycolic-based cannabinoid formulations to vaporizable medications
• Oil-based cannabinoid formulations for sublingual application drugs

Manufacturing of cosmetics products and food to third party brands
• Aceites corporales y faciales con CBD
• Body and facial oils with CBD
• Body creams with CBD
• Exclusive formulas based on natural products
• Liquid formulations with terpenes derived from Cannabis with vitamins and minerals
• Exclusive formulas based on plant extracts


Plant biotechnological research for the validation of cannabis varieties of therapeutic interest

• Varietal registration as industrial property
• Development of drugs for research
• Development and Manufacture of medicines based in cannabinoid assets

Regulatory management of cosmetic products
• • Technical design of labels and cases
• Registration in the European portal CPNP
• Stability studies according to ISO/TR 18811: 2018 for cosmetic products standard.
• PIF security files for cosmetic products

Regulatory management of food supplements
• Registration of food supplements
• Implementation of HACCP quality standards
• Document management with health authorities

Development of medical cannabis projects and GMP implementation as a new pharmaceutical plant
• Pharmaceutical plant design
• Validation of pharmaceutical processes
• Implementation of GMP quality systems
• Comprehensive management with regulatory authorities


Worldpharma imports cannabis cuttings for pharmaceutical validation

At Worldpharma Biotech we include a chemotypic development program for the validation of Cannabis strains suitable for medical and scientific uses.

We believe in medicine extracted from nature!

We develop projects for companies and implement EU-GMP at international level

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